Modelling Real Property Transactions

Action G9 of COST: CO-ordination in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, was performed 2001 - 2005. (G9 is an action identifier).

The objective of the Action is to improve the transparency of real property markets and to provide a stronger basis for the reduction of costs of real property transactions by preparing a set of models of real property transactions.
The main benefit of the Action is that governments, professions, and holders of property rights get a better basis for reducing the costs of the transactions of the markets of real estates. Moreover, the Action’s outcome in terms of models and analyses will be of great interest for the European countries in transition, currently reshaping their institutions for the administration of real properties.

The COST Domain Committee Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH) approved the Final Evaluation Report on 16 November 2006.  The report comprises the G9 Management Committee's self-evaluation, the Evaluation Panel's report, and the remarks by ISCH.  The report is available from the COST webpage for G9 and cashed here.
The remarks by the COST Domain Committee ISCH include the following:

The Committee warmly commends Action G9. In this Action, a network of technical specialists in land surveying and related disciplines had the vision to seek to model one of society's most pervasive and fundamental socio-technical systems: the concept of real property rights, and the complex of legal and professional structures underpinning it. ...

The researchers have developed a methodology for fruitful comparative analysis across countries and jurisdictions and over time. They have made useful contributions to the application of institutional theory and transaction-cost theory. They have stimulated the formation of an 'invisible faculty' from many scattered disciplines and pockets of research. ...

The dissemination of results has been exemplary. ...
The Committee hopes for significant follow-on activity, ...

External evaluators have assessed the outcome of the action:

Our overall assessment is that the G9 action has achieved its objectives to a significant extent. The assessment of the participants themselves varies between "good" and "excellent", we will put a major emphasis in this respect on the very impressive list of scientific publications and their quality, as well as the activities the action has initiated. 

9.3 Outcome and achievements

In our judgement, the main outcomes are as follows:
  • A better insight and understanding of the institutional arrangements that frame the real property transactions in the jurisdictions studied. ...
  • The action has produced very good results in developing methodology for studying land registration and real property right issues ...
  • The action has produced and disseminated publications that can directly and indirectly be used as "textbooks", especially at an advanced level ...
  • The general dissemination of results is very good and in a form that is easily accessible.

Action outcome was summarised in the COST Annual Report 2005. Get the G9 summary here.

Results are available from Publications (see left) and from reports, which were prepared in the context of Short Term Scientific Missions (see left for STSMreporting).  The activities of the action are summarized below.


8th Workshop Programme with links to presentations
and 9th and final MC meeting

13.-15. October 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Hans Mattsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Contact: Marina Vaskovich
WG 2 Cadastral Science meeting

August 25.-26. 2005 in Aalborg, Denmark

Programme, with  links to presentations
WG co-ordinator: Dr. Jaap Zevenbergen, Delft University of Technology, NL
Local organizer: Prof. Erik Stubkjær, Aalborg University
7th Workshop Programme
and 8th MC meeting

June 9.-11. 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Registration, venue, presentations etc at the workshop website.
 Local copy
Prof. Apostolos Arvanitis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Training School:
Cadastral Development - The Contribution of Scientific Enquiry

May 2.-6. 2005, Aalborg, Denmark

Organizer: WG 2 (Cadastral Science) co-ordinator: Dr. Jaap Zevenbergen, Delft University of Technology, NL
Local organizer: Prof. Erik Stubkjær, Aalborg University
WG 3 Economy meeting agenda 

March 16.-19. 2005 in Grange-over-Sands, England

WG co-ordinator: Dr. Kauko Viitanen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Local organizer: Prof. Bob Dixon-Gough, University of East London
Standardization in the Cadastral Domain
A Joint Conference,
organized by COST G9 and FIG Commission 7
December 9.-10. in Bamberg, Germany

Please find details on program, etc. at the conference website or at FIG Commission 7, and find the presentations at OICRF. The proceedings are forthcoming.
Organization Committee:
Christoph Schlieder (Bamberg University and COST G9), chair
Peter van Oosterom (TU Delft, COST G9, NL); Elfriede Fendel (TU Delft, NL), proceedings; Jaap Zevenbergen (TU Delft, COST G9, NL);  Christiaan Lemmen (Kadaster/ITC, NL , FIG comm. 7)
6th Workshop Programme with links to presentations
and 7th MC meeting

October 14.-16. 2004 in Riga, Latvia

- Dr. phys. Janis Balodis,
- Mr. Armands Auzins,,
Dept of Geomatics, Riga Technical University
WG 2 Cadastral Science meeting (Presentations)

 September 2.-3. 2004 in Szekesfehervar, Hungary

Please find details on  program, registration, venue, etc
at the meeting website
WG co-ordinator: Dr. Jaap Zevenbergen
Local organiser: Dr. Judit Nyiri
5th Workshop Programme with links to presentations
and  6th MC meeting

May 13.-15. 2004 in Helsinki, Finland

Organizer: Dr. Kauko Viitanen, Dept of Surveying - Institut of Real Estate Studies, Helsinki University of Technology

Presentation of COST G9: Modelling Real Property Transactions
at COST TC Social Sciences and Humanities, 48th Technical Committee Meeting
Vienna, 19. March 2004

WG 3 Economy meeting agenda and presentations

March 11.- 13. 2004 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Organizer: Dr. Marjan Ceh, Dept. of Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana
The Ontology and Modelling of Real Estate Transactions,

edited by Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Erik Stubkjaer and Christoph Schlieder,
and published in Ashgate Publisher's International Land Management Series is out. See details.

'This book presents the fruits of an ongoing research project that contributes towards a better understanding of property rights systems, an essential ingredient of economic development. To compare real estate transactions across different legal systems, the book presents an innovative method that aims to enhance comparability by examining the common 'ontology' of such transactions, and shows its potential by applying it to a diverse set of European cases.'

Dr. Benito Arruñada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

4th Workshop Programme with links to presentations
and  5th MC meeting

October 16.-18. 2003 in Sopron, Hungary

Organizer: Dr. Bela Markus,
College of Geoinformatics, The University of West Hungary, Szekesfehervar, Hungary

Contact: Dr. Judit Mizsei
Phone: + (36 22) 516 523
Fax: + (36 22) 516 521

Towards a Cadastral Core Domain Model

3rd Workshop Programme with links to presentations
and 4th MC meeting (Agenda)

October 10-12 2002, Delft, the Netherlands

Organizer: Jaap Zevenbergen
Geo-information and Land Development, 
Delft University of Technology
Thijsseweg 11
2629 JA DELFT, The Netherlands

Contact:  Elfriede M. Fendel
Phone: +31 15 27 84548

Submission June 7th 2002 of an

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST  in the context of FP6
on the Network of Excellence 

Modelling Real Property Institutions

Charting the Layers of Transactions in Real Estate

2nd Workshop Programme with links to presentations

3rd MC meeting Agenda

April 11. - 13. 2002, Wien-Schwechat, Austria

Ms. Edith Unterweger
Geoinformation E127, TU Vienna
A-1040 Vienna Austria
Phone:  +43 1 588 01 12700

Material: Introduction to seminar

Kick-Off Meeting of the COST Action G9 
'Modeling Real-Proparty Transactions'
Workshop on Principles and Practice of 
Ontology of Real Estate and Cadastre

Nov 1.-3. University of Bremen, Germany
Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Center for Computing Technologies
University of Bremen

The main objective of the Action is 
to improve the transparency of real property markets and 
to provide a stronger basis for the reduction of costs of real property transactions 
by preparing a set of models of real property transactions, 
which is correct, formalised, and complete according to stated criteria, 
and then assessing the economic efficiency of these transactions.

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

Within the COST framework, provision is made for short term scientific missions (STSM). The aim of the missions is to contribute to the realisation of the scientific objectives of the COST action.

Applicants for STSM funding must be with a laboratory (department), which actively participates in the COST action. Undergraduates may not be considered. Further details appear from the ESF-COST Guideline for the implementation of Short-Term Scientific Missions . Note! New issue by March 2005 among others requesting on-line registration by the applicant at .

Applicants should make themselves familiar with the above Guideline, and contact STSM sub-committee, att. Prof. Erik Stubkjær,, for judgements.