at COST G9, WG3 Economy, WG meeting, March 11.-13. 2004, Programme in .doc-format
Geodetic Department, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG), University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

4.    Presentations and discussion of papers:

a.    Ivo Lavrac: Transparency of real-estate market and transaction cost in Slovenia
b.    Rado Brezovar/ Barbara Faidiga: Cost/Benefit analyses of compurerization of Land Register of Slovenia
c.    Hans Mattsson/ Peter Ekbäk: Property transaction costs - The issue of interacting authorities
d.    Erik Stubkjær: Transaction costs – Establishing a theoretical base for empirical investigations pdf draftText

5.    Demonstration of software, explorative drawing up of transaction cost models

a.    Marjan Ceh: Demonstration of software - The Slovenian case: Calculation of costs Defining object
b.   Vitikainen: MindMap Subdivision in Excel-format in mpp-format extended
c.   All: Structuring of national cost figures, establishing joint models: Revised Definition of Object Proposal for calculation..

MC Chair's Minutes

Erik Stubkjær,, 2005-12-21