COST Action G9

Modelling Real Property Transactions


5th Workshop and 6th MC meeting, 13th – 15th May 2004 in Helsinki,


Place:                          Espoo/Otaniemi, Finland          

Meeting place              Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Institute of Real Estate Studies,

and street address:     Otakaari 1 (Main building), Espoo

Date(s):                       May 13.-15.  2004

Time (each day):         13-17.30, 9-17, 9.30-

Local organiser:         Dr. Kauko Viitanen,

Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Institute of Real Estate Studies,

P.O. Box 1200, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland

Phone + 358 9 451 3870; Fax 358 9 465 077;



13th May          
13-15                      Studies of the Institutions of Real Estate
Kauko Viitanen: Property transactions in shares and in the form of real property – how different systems can run parallel
Judit Nyiri: Organisational structures and their role in the processes of the real property transactions (National report)
Erik Stubkjær: Assessing real property transaction costs – Several approaches are needed
NN: Satellite analysis and accounts – Relating standardised national accounts with real property information systems
Pekka Halme: COFOG - Key to Better Understanding of Enforcement Costs?
15-15.30 Coffee 
15.30-17.30             Examples of Transaction Costs
Mark Deakin and Bob Dixon-Gough: Preliminary Costing Models for Property Transactions within the Jurisdictions of the British Isles IrelandCosts
Apostolos Arvantis and E. Baziota: Economic aspects of property transactions in Greece.
Jussi Palmu: Transaction costs in commercial property transactions - Significance of legal property registers and their costs in the market
Leo Lillandt: Financier’s point of view, a comment to Palmu’s presentation
14th May
9-11         Methodological Aspects
Andrew Frank: Comparing European cadastres, Methodological questions
Christoph Schlieder: An ontological engineering tool for the specification of the core cadastral model
Arvo Vitikainen and Ilkka Mikkonen: Approaching the objectives – The Finnish plan for G9-research
Assessing transaction costs within COST G9 - Discussion
11-12 Lunch
12-14       National Concerns
J.Balodis, A.Auzins, M.Caunite: Simplifying the Model of Real Property Transactions in Latvia: 
Use case: Sale Sale parties Sale procedure
Use case: Subdivision Subdivision parties Subdivision procedure
Marina Vaskovich: Future problems in the property rights research in Belarus
Bob Dixon-Gough: Unusual Forms of Land Ownership and Responsibility in England and Wales (55 MB)
Tina Koukopoulou and A. Sismanidis: Administrative procedures of property transactions in Greece
Judit Varga: Aspects of the real property transaction in the Hungarian Environmental Management
14-14.30 Coffee
14.30-17   Charting the institution of real property
Armands Auzins: Institutional Features  of Real Property Transactions in Latvia and Sweden - Outcomes of the STSM in Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.
Jaap Zevenbergen: Outcomes of the STSM in Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Finland
Hans Mattsson: The problems with several authorities involved in cadastre and land register work


Discussions and conclusions





15th May

9.30 –             Management Committee Meeting


Budget for 2004:  Meetings, STSMs, and publication efforts
Budget outlook for 2005
Research plan, including preparation of closing conference


List of Participants


Country         Name                                  Affilation



Austria, Dr. Andre Frank, Universität Wien

Denmark, Dr. Erik Stubkjær, Aalborg University

Finland, Mr. Pekka Halme, National Land Survey

Finland, Mr. Leo Lillandt, EUROHYPO AG

Finland, Mr. Ilkka Mikkonen, Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)

Finland, Mr. Jussi Palmu, Catella Property Consultants

Finland, Dr. Kauko Viitanen, Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)

Finland, Dr. Arvo Vitikainen, Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)

Germany, Dr. Christoph Schlieder, University of Bamberg

Greece, Dr. Apostolos Arvantis, University of Thessaloniki

Greece, Dr. Tina Koukopoulou, University of Thessaloniki

Hungary, Dr. Judit Mizseiné Nyiri, University of West Hungary

Hungary, Ms. Judit Varga, University of West Hungary

Latvia, Mr. Armands Auzins, Riga Technical University

Latvia, Dr. Janis Balodis, Riga Technical University

Latvia, M. Caunite, Riga Technical University

Slovenia, Dr. Rados Sumrada, FGG, University of Ljubljana

Slovenia, Dr. Miran Ferlan, FGG, University of Ljubljana

Sweden, Dr. Hans Mattsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Sweden, Ms. Marina Vaskovich, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

The Netherlands, Dr. Jaap Zevenbergen, Technical University Delft

United Kingdom, Dr. Robert Dixon-Gough, University of East London


Totalling 22 (18 male, 4 female)

       travels (12 male, 4 female)