Towards a Cadastral Core Domain Model

3rd workshop and 4th MC meeting of the COST G9 action: Modelling Real Property Transactions

October 10-12, Delft, the Netherlands

Thursday Oct. 10

11.00 Technical workshop at Dept. of Geodesy, Thijsseweg 11, big meeting room.

Erik Stubkjær: Motivation of the programme of the day
Marian de Vries: How to start with XSLT
Heiner Stuckenschmidt: Demonstration of ArgoUML's XMI -> HTM/SVG
Rados Sumrada: How does UML work that we have done so far, fit into the above.

All: Discussion and preparation of workplan Oct 2002-Oct 2003

Usual lunch and coffee breaks not mentioned.

Afternoon for non-technicals:  Sight seeing Delft

18.30 Get together at hotel lobby

20.00 Dinner for those who wants to join at ...

Friday Oct. 11

09.00 Departure from hotel to Dept. of Geodesy, Thijsseweg 11

09.30 Welcome by Van Oosterom
          Opening by Stubkjaer

Ontologies & Methodologies

10.00 Key note ‘Development of Ontologies’ by Guus Schreiber (Universiteit van Amsterdam), by Jan 2005 Free University Amsterdam

          Comments by Stuckenschmidt and Uitermark

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Theoretical foundations for Cadastral Science by Stubkjaer & Zevenbergen

12.00 Lunch

European Projects on Cadastral Systems

13.15 Guidelines on legal and cadastral objects and their identifiers, by Helge Onsrud (WPLA, Norway Mapping)

EUropean Land Information Systems on line, by Peter Laarakker (EULIS, Dutch Cadastre)

FIG Initiative for a cadastral core domain data model, by Lemmen (ITC) & Van Oosterom

Towards a FP6 network of experts: Modelling Real Property Institutions, by Van Oosterom

15.00 Tea


15.30 UML is more then Use Cases, by Arbind Tuladhar (ITC)

UML modeling: from a 2D to a 3D cadastre, by Jantien Stoter (TU Delft)

Operations based ontologies, by Gerhard Navratil (TU, Vienna)

16.30 Discussion

19.30 Diner at De Waag ???

Saturday Oct. 12

09.00 Departure from hotel to Dept. of Geodesy

Economic aspects & Use case modeling

A transaction cost approach to legal procedures - potentials and pitfalls, by Peter Ekbäck (KTH, Stockholm)
Modelling conveyance and subdivision - Slovenia and Sweden compared, by Rados Sumrada, (Uni Ljubljana) and Hans Mattsson (KTH, Stockholm)
Modelling Processes of Real Estate Conveyancing in Hungary, by Judit Nyiri and K. Járja ppt  Report (11 MB)
Development of Property Rights and Property Formation Processes in Belarus, by Marina Vaskovich (KTH, Stockholm)
11.00 Coffee

11.30 WG results and plans

12.30 Lunch (farewell to non MC-members)


4th Management Committee meeting

1.  Welcome to the participants
2.  Adoption of the agenda
3.  Approval of the draft minutes of the 3rd meeting of the Management  Committee (11-13/04/2002 – Vienna)
4.  COST G9 Update of the homepage
5.  Short-Term Scientific Missions – Proposals
6.  Status report: presentation by the Chairman
7.  Review of the work undertaken. Work programme /Functioning of the Working Groups
8.  Budgetary situation : 2002-2003
9.  Technical Committee on Social Science: presentation by the Scientific Officer
10.  Forthcoming meetings of the Management Committee and of the Working  Groups
11.  Any other business

16.00 Closing

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