Date / Time Preliminary Programme *** ver. 10.08
16 October 2003 
11.00 - Registration
14.00 - Béla Márkus – Erik Stubkjaer: Opening -  BM Intro (3 MB)
  Hans Mattsson: National analysis - Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and Estonia
  Marina Vaskovich: Property Transactions in Denmark Satisfying the inquires of a foreign expert
  Miran Ferlan: Pre-emption rights, Mortgage and Real Property Transactions in Slovenia
17 October 2003 
9.00 - Géza Apagyi, Hungary, head of Hungarian Cadastre: Welcome
  Géza Apagyi: Changes in Hungarian Land Administration
  Gábor Nagy, Hungary: Central European Land Knowledge Center
  Erik Stubkjaer, Denmark: Danish National Report
Ontologies, Modelling
  Andrew Frank, Austria: Processes in ontology
  Szabolcs Mihály, Hungary: Standardization and Automatism of Hungarian land Office Procedures as basis for Land Market Information
  Jaap Zevenvergen: Cadastral domain modelling, a first step towards a cadastral domain ontology
  Arvanitis Apostolos - Tzani Anastasia - Hamilou Eleni: Modeling Cadastre and Property Transactions in Greece. A first approach
Legal Issues
  György Fenyő–Mihály Kurucz, Hungary: Legal Problems of Real Property Transactions in Hungary
Economical issues
  Pekka Halme, Finland: Towards a methodology for assessing transaction costs within the domain of real property
  Béla Berdár, Hungary: Economical Background of the Real Property Transactions
  András Osskó, Hungary: Instiutional Framework for Land- and Properties Market Activities
  Visit to the Land Office


08. October, 2003
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