at COST G9, Workshop 6, 14.-15. October 2004, Programme as .doc-file
University of Latvia and Riga Technical University, Latvia.

The terminology of the real estate domain

Valentina Skujina: National and international aspects of national terminology.
Armands Auzins: Development trends of terminology resources in real estate.
Janis Strauhmanis: Development of the glossary of terms in Geomatics.

General reflections on G9  issues

Hans Mattsson: Modelling the transfer of real property rights (2 MB)
Maarten Ottens: View on the cadastral domain from the perspective of philosophy of technology.

Satellite accounts for the segment of society concerned with real estate

Ivo Lavrac: Towards national real estate accounts – The case of Slovenia.
Erik Stubkjær: Satellite accounting of housing and real estate affairs – The Case of Denmark.
Christian Gysting: The treatment of costs of ownership transfer in the Danish national accounts.

National practices and/or outcomes of the STSM, etc.

Ints Lukss: Computarized National Land Book of Latvia. (1.3 MB) - Further details in Latvian language (2.4 MB)
Inguss Vircaus: Providing Citizens with Permitted Land Use Reference: E-Service Development  (23 MB!)
Apostolos Arvanitis, Aris Sismanidis: Contents of a country’s report on property transactions – The case of Greece (1.2 MB)
Apostolos Arvanitis, Aris Sismanidis:
Marina Vaskovich: Reflections of the STSM in the United Kingdom.
Robert Dixon-Gough: The Jurisdictions of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Status, next steps and prolongation

Jaap Zevenbergen:  ”There’s more to see than can even be seen, …”

Erik Stubkjær,, 18.10; 13.10; 07.10.2004