August 24, edited 25, 2005

COST Action G9
Modelling Real Property Transactions

Working Group 2: Cadastral Science meeting,
25.-26. August 2005 in Aalborg


Meeting place :

Time schedule:

Local organiser:
Aalborg, Denmark      Find your way: Airport - Center - Venue

Aalborg University, Fibigerstræde 11, DK-9220 Aalborg, Seminar room 1
August 25-27, 2005

Thursday 13:00 – 17:00, Friday 9:00 -17:00

Prof. Erik Stubkjær
Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning,
Research group Cadastral Development,
Fibigerstræde 11, DK-9220 Aalborg, Denmark

E-mail: est@land.aau.dk


Thursday 25 August

Session 1 (13-15): Views on the initial cadastral ontology

Gerhard Navratil: Ontologies for Cadastral Processes  ppt
Maarten Ottens: The Cadastre as a Socio-Technical System ppt doc
Erik Stubkjær: View of a domain expert  pdf

Session 2 (15.30 -17): Consolidating and dissemination of modelling efforts
Rados Sumrada: Modeling methodology for real estate transactions.  ppt
Bob Dixon-Gough: Land readjustment for the Development of Urban and Rural Areas ppt

Friday 25 August

Session 4 (9-12): The status of continuation efforts, and Stockholm Final conference

Joachim Thomas: Land consolidation/readjustment  ppt  doc
Arvo Vitikainen:  Land readjustment and land consolidation doc
Evangelia Balla, Apostolos Arvanitis: First Ideas about Modelling Land Readjustment Procedures  ppt 
Erik Stubkjær: Further follow-up on Thessaloniki, namely
  • eContentPlus-related  pdf
  • Mass appraisal and transaction costs  txt
  • History of real property rights in Europe pdf
Hans Mattsson: Stockholm Final Conference

Session 3 (13-15): Summarizing G9 findings in terms of a book
Jaap Zevenbergen  et al: Status  doc
Contributers: Motivation, main content, main message

Part 1 – Overview of action and contents
Stubkjaer, Frank and Zevenbergen: Modelling Real Property Transactions

Part 2 - Procedures
Sumrada: Property transaction modelling (Slo, Swe - Ferlan, Sumrada and Mattsson)
Vaskovich: Property transaction modelling  (Engl/Wales, DK)  
Auzins: Towards more efficient transaction procedures in Latvia

Part 3 – Transaction Costs
Vitikainen: Cost Modelling (Ceh, Vitikainen, Ferlan,..)
Stubkjær: Assessing transaction costs from a national perspective (Stubkjaer, Lavrac, Gysting)

Part 4 – Modelling approaches
Ottens: Socio-Technical Approach (Ottens, Stubkjaer, .)
Navratil: Hierarchies in dividing processes (Navratil, Frank) 
Schlieder: Towards Ontology Development (Hess, Vaskovich, Schlieder)
Arvanidis: Spatial data models; the Greek case (Sismanidis, ..)
Paasch: Approaches for standardization of legal issues

Part 5 – Special Topics
Dixon Gough: General Boundaries and English Property Transactions
?: Process descriptions of land consolidation (Markus e.a.)
Zevenbergen: Pre-emption models (Ferlan, Zevenbergen, Mattsson, Sumrada)
?: Finnish and Austrian flat ownership compared (.., Viitanen)

Session 5 (15.30-17): The G9 research questions in 1999 and now
Erik Stubkjær: Presentation of outline  doc
Participants: Eliciting of research questions and appropriate methodologies

List of participants

Country           Name

Austria, Gerhard Navratil
Austria, Gerhard Muggenhuber

Czech rep/DK, Jaroslav Gall*

Denmark, Erik Stubkjær*
Denmark, Hélène Vacher*

Finland, Arvo Vitikainen

Germany, Joachim Thomas

Greece, Apostolos Arvanitis
Greece, Evangelia Balla,

Netherlands, Jaap Zevenbergen
Netherlands, Maarten Ottens

Slovenia, Rados Sumrada

Sweden, Hans Mattsson
Sweden, Marina Vaskovich*

United Kingdom, Robert Dixon-Gough

Totalling 15, 11 reimbursements (Edited Aug 25 ESt)

* Not getting a reimbursement.