COST G9: Publications

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4. National reports: Greece; Hungary;
5. Papers: 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

1. Real Property Transactions: Procedures, Transaction Costs and Models (eds) Jaap Zevenbergen, Andrew Frank, Erik Stubkjær
[Content as of October 2007 with links to contributions under review as of mid-December 2005: See details]

2. Standardization in the Cadastral Domain (Eds) Peter van Oosterom, Christoph Schlieder, Jaap Zevenbergen, Claudia Hess, Christiaan Lemmen, Elfriede Fendel
Published by The International Federation of Surveyors, 2005 (second edition) Lindevangs Alle 4, DK-2000 Frederiksberg Denmark ISBN-87-90907-36-1. See publication details. Access to web presentation of papers and handouts.

3. The Ontology and Modelling of Real Estate Transactions (eds) Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Erik Stubkjær and Christoph Schlieder.
Ashgate Publisher's International Land Management Series, 2003. 170 p. See publisher's details.

Part I: Cadastre, Law and Economics
1.    Erik Stubkjær: Modelling real property transactions
2.    Hans Mattsson: Aspects of real property rights and their alteration
3.    Leo Zaibert and Barry Smith: Real estate - Foundations of the ontology of property
Part II: Requirements and National Perspectives
4.    Kauko Viitanen: Purchase of real property in Finland
5.    Robert Dixon-Gough and Mark Deakin: Property transactions in the UK - A situation of institutional stability or technical change?
6.    Armands Auzins: Land tenure and real property transaction types in Latvia
Part III: Ontological Modelling
7.    Ubbo Visser and Christoph Schlieder: Modelling real estate transactions - The potential role of ontologies
8.    York Sure: A tool-supported methodology for ontology-based knowledge management
9.    Chris Partridge and Milena Stefanova: Building a foundation for ontologies of organizations
Part IV: Systems Engineering
10.    Rados Sumrada: Conceptual modelling of cadastral information system structures
11.    Harry Uitermark: Ontology construction for geographic data set integration

Publications 2005

Arvanitis, A and A. Sismanidis (2005) - “The Greek National Report within the framework of COST Action G9”, COST Action G9 – Modelling Real Property Transaction - 7th Workshop and 8th MC meeting, 9th – 11th June 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece. (1.5 MB)

Gysting, C (2005) The Treatment of Cost of Ownership Transfer in the Danish National Accounts. Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 2(1) 37-48

Lavrac, I (2005) Towards National Real Estate Accounts - The Case of Slovenia. Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research 2(1) 49-56

Nyiri, Judit Mizseiné (2005) Beszámoló a COST G9 projekt kutatási munkájáról, (Report of the research activity COST G9) Geodézia és Kartográfia, Vol. LVII. 2005/9, pp. 41-43

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Publications 2004

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Publications 2003

Auzins, Armand (2003) Institutional arrangements - A gate towards sustainable land use. Paper, presented at Workshop on 'The Commons in Transition: property on natural resources in CEEC', Prague, April 11-13, 2003, available at

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Stubkjær, Erik (2003) The Institutionalization of Real Property Rights: The Case of Denmark. Paper, presented at a multi-disciplinary workshop, The Mystery of Capital and the Construction of Social Reality, with Hernando de Soto, Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Lima, Peru, and John Searle, University of California, Berkeley, hosted by the University at Buffalo, Buffalo New York, April 12 to 15, 2003

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Publications 2002

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Publications 2001

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Publications 2000

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