Real Property Transactions; Procedures, Transaction Costs and Models

Zevenbergen, Frank and Stubkjaer (editors)


 [Version October 2007; For previous drafts, see August 2006]



List of contributors



Part 1 - Overview of action and contents


1 Modelling Real Property Transactions - An Overview

Stubkjaer, Frank and Zevenbergen



Part 2 - Procedures


2 Modelling Property transactions

Ferlan, Sumrada and Mattsson


3 Towards more efficient transaction procedures in Latvia




Part 3 - Transaction Costs


4 Transaction Costs Concerning Real Property - The Case of Finland



5 Towards National Real Estate Accounts: the Case of Denmark and other European jurisdictions

Stubkjaer, Lavrac and Gysting



Part 4 - Modelling Approaches


6  Exploring the social aspects of socio-technical systems; A socio-technical analysis of cadastral systems

Ottens and Stubkjaer


7 An approach towards standardization of legal issues regarding real property transactions



8 Ontology Engineering for Comparing Property Transactions

Hess and Vaskovich


9 Ontology-Based Development of Reference Processes

Hess and Schlieder


10 Hierarchies in subdivision processes

Navratil and Frank



Part 5 - Expanding the Scope


11 The Real Property and General Boundary System of England and Wales

Dixon-Gough and Glyn Hunt


12 Pre-emption rights compared - Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden

Ferlan, Zevenbergen and Mattsson