Real Property Transactions: Procedures, Transaction Costs and Models (eds) Jaap Zevenbergen, Andrew Frank, Erik Stubkjær

[Contributions under review as of mid-January 2005. Pre-emption.. added Aug.2006]

Part 1 – Overview of action and contents
- Modelling Real Property Transactions – Stubkjær, Frank and Zevenbergen
- Guide for readers
Part 2 - Procedures
- Property transaction modelling – Ferlan, Sumrada and Mattsson  FigureAnnex
- Towards more efficient transaction procedures in Latvia - Auzins
Part 3 – Transaction Costs
- Towards National Accounts of Transactions in Real Estate: the Case of Denmark and Slovenia – Stubkjær, Lavrac, Gysting
- Real Property Transaction Costs in Finland - Vitikainen
- Real Property Transaction Costs in Slovenia - Ceh
Part 4 – Modelling approaches
- Exploring the social aspects of socio-technical systems: A socio-technical analysis of cadastral systems – Ottens, Stubkjær
- Approaches for standardization of legal issues – Paasch
- Modelling the Spatial Cadastral Data; the Greek Case – Arvanitis, Sismanidis
- Ontology Engineering for the Comparison of Cadastral Processes – Hess, Vaskovich
- Ontology-based Development of Reference Processes – Schlieder, Hess
- Hierarchies in dividing processes – Navratil, Frank
Part 5 – Expanding the Scope
- Institutional and Information Model of Hungarian Land Consolidation – Nyiri, Kottyan
- Pre-emption models – Ferlan, Zevenbergen, Mattsson, Sumrada
?- Land consolidation Procedures - Thomas